Yuma Business Women Networking Event | Yuma Photographer

Yuma Business Women Networking Event | Yuma Photographer

Working with other business women is something that truly inspires me. There is nothing quite like grabbing a cup of coffee, grabbing your notebook and chatting business with another entrepreneur. 

World Breastfeeding Week | Yuma Family Photographer

World Breastfeeding Week | Yuma Family Photographer

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I had a few breastfeeding sessions this week. I am amazed at the individual and unique stories of each mom who has walked the journey of breastfeeding. Check out how gorgeous these women are. 

Caroline & Nestor | Arizona Wedding

Caroline & Nestor | Arizona Wedding

I am so blessed that they chose me as their wedding photographer but I am also incredibly blessed to have gained them as friends. I can't wait to see what the future holds for these two.

Cheyenne & Jaycob | Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement Session

Cheyenne & Jaycob | Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement Session

I am thinking that next year calls for a lot more Sand Dunes Sessions because...well...look at this. <3 

Brown Family Session | Windansea Beach Family Session

Brown Family Session | Windansea Beach Family Session

As we went to ended the session, Tori thanked me and then said "We will cherish these pictures forever." Immediately, I felt tears come to my eyes because as a military spouse myself, I knew just how much she meant that. I love what I do. <3 

Scott & Samantha | San Francisco Wedding

Scott & Samantha | San Francisco Wedding

This wedding was nothing short of spectacular. From the decorations, to the venue, to their amazing wedding party, their day was absolutely PERFECT. I am so glad I was able to be a part of Scott & Samantha’s wedding day. 

Here comes baby Cano | Yuma Maternity Session

Here comes baby Cano | Yuma Maternity Session

This session could not have gone any better. From the drone shots, to the cute little maternity dress, to the romantic water maternity pictures, Oriana and Alec nailed their entire session. I love everything about this session and I hope that you enjoy it too! And hey, we survived a maternity session in 115 degree weather with a momma who was due to have her baby in 2 DAYS! <3 

To The Momma Who Hides From the Camera, I See You. | Yuma Family Photographer

Your body has been through a lot. You have carried babies for 9 months, given birth, experienced the dramatic shift of hormones after birth and gone through countless nights without sleep. I get it. I am there. SO THERE. After having babies, every part of who you are has in some way shifted. Your priorities, your skin, your hips, your emotions, and HECK even your hair. (Can I get an Amen for postpartum hair loss?)


It comes as no surprise that when the camera is pulled out, you run. You just need a few more months, a few more trips to the gym, a few more salads, a new haircut/color, and the list goes on and on. You will be happy when you lose that last 10 pounds, fit into those size 6 jeans or lose that muffin top.

Besides the poor body image of yourself, you never shower. Heck, you didn't sleep all night so you b-lined it to the coffee maker, poured yourself a cup and then threw your hair up into a messy bun. 

You focus every little bit of attention you have on capturing your kids. From their first smile through the day they tell you to stop, you FILL your phone with pictures, videos and memories. It becomes a full time job to cling to those fleeting memories so you capture, capture, capture. 

All the while, you hide on the other side of the camera. Nobody wants to see this hot mess. Occasionally you might capture a selfie or the traditional holiday picture when you are all done up for once. Or maybe you capture yourself behind that amazing snapchat filter that makes you look like a flower fairy with flawless skin.

I see you mama. 

Can I tell you something? 10 years from now, it won't be like this. You won't always be doing midnight feedings. You won't always be changing diaper after diaper in your messy mom bun. You won't always be so tired. You won't always be wearing leggings...(KIDDING about the leggings)

10 years from now, you will look back on those days with fond memories. You will cling to the memory of being the only one that could calm down the baby. You will long to relive the days where the kids fight over sitting by you at the dinner table. You will look back on those long, tired days and wish you could feel those tired baby snuggles one more time. 


Momma, this phase is hard but this phase is beautiful. What you are doing is beautiful. What your body did is beautiful. You created and sustained life. Your sweet babies life. You are guiding them to be the people they need to be one day and in the process, you are putting yourself on the back burner for a little bit. 

Perfectly curled hair has been traded for messy buns. Coffee dates with friends have been traded for a mad dash for your Keurig at 5am. Full nights of sleep have been traded for Little Einsteins at ungodly hours and sleepless snuggles with baby. Your firm skin has been traded for postpartum stretchy skin. Your full head of hair has been traded for a receding hair line. (Thanks again postpartum hair loss)

Momma, all of these changes are beautiful. They may be hard, but they are beautiful. 

You will look back on these days and smile with appreciation for them. You will miss them. You will see other moms in the same phase of life at the grocery store and pass them an understanding smile because you did it too. 


Momma, don't hide from the camera. You deserve to have these memories too. You deserve to look back and see that phase of your life. Your kiddos deserve to look back and see what you did for them. You won't see those pictures and hate yourself. You will see those pictures and miss those days. You will proudly show your children the changes of life handed to you because you chose them. 

Momma, take pictures with you in it. Have your husband take pictures of you with the kids. Instead of looking at the picture and criticizing yourself, give yourself the same amount of grace that you would give another momma in the same phase of life. Instead of seeing your muffin top, look at the happy babies you are raising into beautiful human beings. Instead of noticing your double chin, notice how much you have changed for them. Instead of looking at your crazy hair line, know that these are all just signs that you are doing something hard, but worth it.

You are beautiful. This phase is beautiful. You deserve to preserve these memories. Your kids deserve to see this momma.



  A momma of toddlers. <3 


Cristina & Jordan | Engagement Session

Within the various types of sessions that I offer, Engagment sessions are definitely my favorite. There is something about two people that are about to make the biggest commitment of their life coming together to have me document their love that makes my heart full. As I am driving to their session, I think about the fact that these pictures I am about to create will be the ones in the family album that they will pass down for generations to come. Their children will look back and laugh at their clothing choices, make grossed out faces at their kissing and secretly admire the love they see that has lasted for decades in their parents. The fact that I get to be a part of THAT, boggles my mind. 

  Cristina & Jordan were so much fun to work with. It's always a little nerve wrecking to meet up with a photographer you have never met and allow them to capture one of the most precious things you hold, your relationship with your partner. When we arrived at the location, we immediately hit it off. I'll admit to being a chatter box completely. We talked about kids, how they met, where they will live after the Marine Corps, what they do for a living, etc etc. Their entire session was sweet and we laughed and had a great time. I am so glad that they chose me. I hope you enjoy seeing their session as much as I did. OH! AND I will be flying to Ohio next year to capture the next step in their life, their WEDDING. I can't wait.



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Alley Family Session | Yuma Family Photographer

The Alley family was a blast to work with. Their sweet little girl is definitely the star of the show. Her big brothers are wrapped around her finger and she has daddy's heart melted. We had a blast working together and it was sweet to see their family dynamic. Here are some of my favorites from their session.



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  Kayla Mattox