Inspirational Interview featuring Sarah Nelson | Beach Body Coach

I am starting a new series on my blog that I am very excited to share with you. In my passion to pursue my dream of being a professional photographer, I am finding inspiration all around me in other people who have fought for their dream or are living an inspirational life. I am taking time out of my busy schedule to interview these beautiful people and will be posting them into this series titled, "Inspirational Interviews". 

For my first interview, I have Sarah Nelson. A locally popular Beach Body Coach that purposes to spend her days living intentionally. Her goal is to daily be the very best version of herself while also encouraging her "village" to also be the very best of themselves. Sarah is an avid fitness coach who loves to guide and mentor men and women to become the healthiest version of themselves. Check out our interview and find out some things about Sarah that just might inspire you today. 


(K) "I am so happy to be interviewing you today! Let's start off with you telling us a little bit about yourself."

(S) "Well, I am a mom to three little people but I am more then just a mom. Sometimes, we kind of let that define us. So, I have me three little humans and I love them but I am also a health and fitness coach. Really, I am just super passionate about living my very best life. This is kind of a newer thing for me. I used to be caught up in the normal daily to-do's. You know? I never took time for myself. I felt like it was really selfish. So, I got really caught up in just living my life for my family. So, in the last few years, I have kind of rediscovered myself away from who I am outside of a mom and a wife. It has been really cool."



(K) "How did you do that?"

(S) " Lots of personal development. I listen to podcasts, I read books and I have been meditating lately and praying more. Just taking time to figure out what is fun for me. I have always been such an anxious person that I've never been willing to do do things that put me outside of my comfort zone. Even if it is something that I really want to do, if it is intimidating to me, I would be, it's not worth it. So I've been trying to push the envelope and kind of see what floats my boat or what is fun for me. That's tricky."



(K) "What does a happy, successful life look life to you?"

(S) "It looks like, having freedom. I want to have financial freedom. I want to have freedom to live the life we want to live, to do more and to give back to people. I want to be on top of my laundry. I want to write a book. I want to be a speaker. I want to speak to thousands and thousands of people. I want to build an empire. To me, its not about being famous or whatever but its about making a difference and leaving a footprint. I want to feel like at the end of my life, I have lived my very best life and that I haven't left any stones unturned. I want my laundry to be caught up. Just kidding, my laundry will never be caught up! But yes, I want to rock my life."


(K) "What inspired you to become a Beach Body Coach?"

(S) "I really lost myself with motherhood and I was really lost. I started working out. I bought a triple stroller and I started taking the kids out on walks. I started really small and I realized I had to change the things I was telling myself about myself. I got involved in the stroller group here and became a group exercise instructor. I knew I wanted to reach more people on a bigger platform and I wanted to make a little bigger income. So, I had all of these fears about failing and sucking. I had sold essential oils before and I don't know, I didn't have the self belief. I kept following these people on instagram and they were so inspiring so finally I was like, "If they can do it, I can do it." and that was it. I seen how fitness had helped me so I wanted to create a community of women and I wanted to be in charge of it because sometimes, motherhood can be such a competition. Even here, there is that cool girl group and growing up, I was never the cool girl. So, it was really important to me that everyone had a place where they felt like they mattered. I felt that that is so important in motherhood because its like, little people attached to your boob, you don't sleep and its just not about you anymore. So, its easier to just give up everything and be totally lost. I wanted to create a village for those women. I want people to feel like they matter and they can change their life. 



(K) "What has been your biggest challenge since becoming a beach body coach."

(S) "I think my biggest challenge has been finding other people that want to grow a business with me. I have had a lot of people that want to get fit and join my fitness journey with me which is awesome. That is what we are all doing at the core. Its not about building a business but I have really big dreams. I want to find the people that want to work because it takes a lot of consistency. I think the other piece is that because I am building a business, its been hard to balance mother hood and being a wife. It's something that I love and I really look forward to so I tend to be on my phone a lot and get distracted doing my live videos. So, I know that it gets old. They do really good though and I have been trying to establish business hours. But that has really been it. I feel happier and more excited about life than I ever have. I think its because I do so much personal development and its growing me. 


(K) "What things have contributed to your success?"

(S) "I think being real and authentic. Sharing my heart. I mean, I'm not a "real" fitness professional. I mean, I don't have washboard abs. I hate the word "just" because it is so diminishing but I am just a real girl. I had a few babies back to back and I feel like being relatable, real and sharing that a lot on social media helps me. It's so funny, I met this girl, our husbands work together and we have been friends on social media for a long time. I finally met her in real life and she said "I have to tell you, when we were just Facebook friends, I thought, you can't be for real. This isn't really who you are and then you came over and you really are her." I thought, well that is a little insulting that you would think I was fake but then I thought, I guess there is a lot of that on social media. People showing their highlight reel. I'm all about us all being real and showing the light in all of our dark corners, well not ALL of our dark corners. Let's just make things that are taboo, not taboo. Like, postpartum depression. It shouldn't be something that you are ashamed of. It's something that a lot of us go through. We shouldn't be ashamed of it."


(K) What are some things in your life that bring you true joy and excitement?"

(S) "I'm a nester. I love having a clean house. I get that some people don't find joy in that but I do. It makes me happy to be home and clean my house. I just find so much joy in decorating, or buying a pillow or having clean sheets on our bed. I guess its kind of like 1950's house wife but it makes me really happy. Other than that, I love the library. I love a good book, I love my cat, and I love my kids. We are also campers and I love that. It brings me joy too. Mostly, a clean house though. And christmas. We do Christmas in July too, it just makes me happy.


(K) What is one thing that you would change in our world if you could?

(S) "Well there are so many things I could change. I think for me, with being married to someone in law enforcement, that is my biggest fear. There is so much hatred toward law enforcement and peoples perception of them is so jacked up. Like, if you are a sheep dog, you are a person who is helping, your heart is to help people and to protect them. You have a servants heart and somehow along the way that got all jacked up, misinterpreted and now I think we are in a bubble here in Yuma. It may not be as scary as it is in big cities but that would be the one thing I would change. I would help people shift their perspective of it. They are not here to hurt you, they are here to protect you."



(K) "Who do you find inspiring?"

(S) "So many people. I think with what I do, there are obviously celebrity coaches that are rocking their life, living their weird and being their authentic self and I find them inspiring. But I think, any mother is inspiring. I think if you can grow a human and survive all of that, you know, giving birth and the aftermath of it all then you are inspiring. Figuring out who you are again is inspiring. I think their is inspiration to be found in anyone, its just whether or not you are willing to keep investing in yourself and showing up to your life."


(K) Do you follow any specific routine?

(S) "I DO! I am so glad that you asked! I LOVE the miracle morning! Amazon it. Get it and let it change your life. Its a series of rituals that you do every single day. So what I do, is I get up in the morning, in the dark because my kids have like spidey senses and they know when I am up. I light a candle and turn on my salt lamp that has NOT burned a hole in my furniture. I am really glad for that because people keep sending me that thing on Facebook! I keep telling them that it hasn't exploded in my house but I have insurance so its fine! haha I brew a cup of coffee. I sit on the carpet and I meditate but I am not a good meditator. Really successful people meditate but I am not great at it because I am like a squirrel. My husband has a busy mind and I have a busy body and Its hard to slow it down. I slow down for a few minutes though and I breath and envision our life like what I want it to be two years from now in our lakehouse up in Idaho or Montana. Then, I am huge into affirmations so I recite some affirmation and then I journal those. Then I do some personal development and then the kids get up and I feed and water them. Then I take them to school, run errands and work out. Then its just motherhood, right? Laundry and freaking laundry. It never ends. But yeah, the miracle morning becomes like christmas morning for you. I look forward to it. It's the very best part of my life. It's starting my day with intention. It's not reacting but taking charge of your to do list. 


(K) What is your favorite quote?

(S) "My personal mantra is that it's not about perfection, it's about progress. I think that's my favorite quote and how I live my life. You can't always wait for everything to line up and be perfect. That will never happen and then you will lose all those opportunities that you could have experienced. So, it's not about perfection, it's about progress and showing up every single day. 



Wasn't that amazing? I really enjoyed her inspirational story and words of wisdom. If you have someone that you think would make a great candidate for my next Inspirational Women interview, contact me! I would LOVE to hear from you!