Mandie | Business Headshot Session

   When Mandie came to me, she said that she was looking for my exact style, natural and unposed. She wanted me to catch her genuine smile and make her laugh.  I thought it was interesting that she chose to work with me for that exact reason. Then I found out that she was a web designer (cool, right?!) and it all made sense. Mandie has a trained eye and knows exactly what she needs for her business. She knew that she needed a fun and friendly website with natural and unposed pictures of herself because that is exactly who she is!  Mandie is so down to earth and fun to work with. She is crazy smart and knows exactly where she is going with her business! I admire her drive and that she is making it happen with her small business! If you are looking for a web designer to take your business's website to the next level, contact Mandie! I promise, you will love her!  


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