Denson Family Session | Dunes Family Photographer

I simply adore this family. The Denson family was one of the very first families to hire me in Yuma. From a maternity shoot to newborn photos this family has been the definition of sweet and supportive. When Cate asked where we should do their recent family photos I knew the perfect spot. If you follow my work, you know the Imperial Sand Dunes are a favorite location of mine. They never disappoint.

The reason I selected Kayla is simple. She has yet to disappoint! She has captured some of our family’s purest moments and in each one there is an element of who we truly are. She has an impeccable ability to hone in on key moments during the session that exemplify each family member’s unique personality. Our experience with Kayla is one of a kind. She leaves it all at the door and spares nothing.
— Cate

Full disclosure, I nearly canceled this session. My beautiful children had gifted me with a glorious bug and I was feeling it. As timing would have it, rescheduling would mean missing out on getting some pictures with grandparents and we just couldn’t have that. We went ahead and pushed through and I am so glad we did! I mean, just look at these shots!

I cannot say that I have one specific image that is my favorite, but I can tell you that before we met Kayla we would have to hunt through our images from family sessions and try to find a few that we could all at least agree to putting on a holiday card, but now we have to try to pick our favorites from a handful of perfectly captured memories!
— Cate

The sky was simply gorgeous. The kids were fantastic. Adults and outfits were on point. Literally every thing about this session was picture perfect! As you can see, the resulting gallery was absolutely phenomenal! If you are interested in setting up your own session at the Dunes send me a message!

xoxo- Kayla