Allie & Josie | Yuma Couples Photographer

Ready for a flashback from this past summer? This session was definitely a favorite of mine. This was a session I had in mind that I wanted to style and was casually looking for just the right couple to pull it off. I was photographing an event when these two caught my eye and I just knew they would be perfect. I asked them if they would be willing to model for me and they agreed. I’m thrilled they did because this session was SO CUTE!


Hello Yuma summer! AKA hot enough to make an ice cream session a bit of a mess. Despite working with what was essentially ice cream soup after the first 5 minutes Allie and Josie nailed it. These guys are such a charismatic couple. They dynamic between them is adorable and we had so much fun.


It’s a pretty incredible feeling when an idea you’ve been playing with comes to life so perfectly. I seriously couldn’t have been happier with how this session turned out. Summer is just around the corner so if you would like to schedule your own summer session contact me!!!