Kristen Kahne | Business Headshot Session

In an effort to highlight people in our community that are inspirational, I have been working on a series entitled "Inspirational Interviews" where I interview a local person and find out about their story and what took to their current journey. Kristen Kahne has stuck out to me as inspirational from the time we moved to Yuma. You can tell that she has a huge heart for others and wants to see people succeed in living their healthiest life! I hope that you enjoy our interview as much as I did! 

2018-01-14_0001.jpgKristen Kahne


(KM) "Tell me a little bit about yourself."

(K) "Well, I am part unicorn, part trainer. I am a 25 year old jack of all trade and I have a passion for helping others create the best version of themselves."



(KM) "What inspired you to become a personal trainer?"

(K) I wasn't always healthy and I wasn't always well. What you see in me is a product of years of struggling with self esteem and body issues. Normal girl stuff. On top of that, there was a time in my life where I couldn't walk because my back pain was so bad. I have 3 inches of compression in my spine. I have scoliosis. Without proper back musculature, you just lock up. I had to learn why I was in pain and what to do about it. That was what made me get serious about it."



(KM) "What kind of training went into your job as a personal trainer?"

(K) "I have two certifications, a college degree and a whole lot of trial and error. I will keep it at that."



(K) "How does being a personal trainer allow you to give back to the community?"

(K) "Well, we get the community to be healthy. It is really crazy how much better people feel when they take care of their body. I think we prepare people to go out into the world and be the best versions of themselves."


(KM) "What is the hardest thing about being a personal trainer?"

(K) "The hardest thing is keeping people on track and trying to undo years of self talk. It is difficult to change people's mindset."



(KM) "What do you want people to know about you?"

(K) That despite all of the shiny social media feeds, commercials and billboards,  I am not perfect. My goal is to inspire people through my imperfections. Wherever life may take me, I want to always stay real."


(KM) "Explain what you provide to people when they come in looking for a personal trainer?"

(K) "When people come in here, we go through a comprehensive questionnaire process and then we go about making a program that's both safe and effective for them."



(KM) "What are some ways to have a healthier lifestyle?"

(K) "Being honest with yourself is a huge one. Write down your goals and make a plan to get there. Seek help if necessary. You can not learn health and fitness through Instagram or Pinterest. That is just marketing. Health and fitness is super simple. People just over complicate it."


(KM) "Where do you find inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle?

(K) "My husband. He is my rock. He is the one that got me into fitness and trying to fight back against my spine. He didn't want to accept being in pain all of the time. I didn't accept it and I started to feel better. My husband, my spine and my clients are where I find my inspiration. When people message me amazing stories that bring me to tears, it makes me smile ear to ear."



(KM) "What is your favorite quote?"

(K) If it is both and amazing and terrifying, you should definitely pursue it."


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