Meyers Family Session | Yuma Family Photographer

I love it when everything in a session pulls together flawlessly despite a last minute obstacle. A flight delay resulted in a very short 15 minute window before sunset. Fortunately, that limited window of time was all that was needed to capture this amazing couple. Cue one phenomenal sunset and the results speak for themselves.


Tylon and Lauren were a dream to work with. Their affection for each other is so natural and effortless that capturing it took very little effort. Even Tylon, who I’m told is not exactly the interior decorating type is “so over the moon” with the images that he can’t wait to display these images in their home. Naturally, this is something every photographer loves to hear.

246A9430-Edit copy.jpg

The above image received the honor of being the family’s favorite. Lauren stated “I love that this photo is black and white. It helps show the raw beauty of the moment & you don’t get distracted with anything in the background. It captures you and makes you feel like you’re right there in the moment. It shows the immense love between my husband and I perfectly.”


However flawless the results, every session has its fun memorable moments and this one was no different. For me, catching one of the dogs casually taking care of business barely outside the camera frame had me checking image previews to see if anything needed to be cropped.

Lauren recounted her "most memorable moment was probably when Kayla told my husband to pick me up and spin me. It definitely took us a couple tries because my husband tripped, my hair got in the way, my sweater caught, but somehow it still turned out some beautiful shots!”

246A9423-Edit copy.jpg

Obviously, a shortened session is a non-issue for Tylon and Lauren. This couple was seriously FLAWLESS and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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