Love Story

Adam & Yulia | Washington Wedding

Adam & Yulia | Washington Wedding

Adam and Yulia had a beautiful ceremony in Everett, Wa. The luscious green and beautiful spring colors were absolutely breathtaking.

Caroline & Nestor | Arizona Wedding

Caroline & Nestor | Arizona Wedding

I am so blessed that they chose me as their wedding photographer but I am also incredibly blessed to have gained them as friends. I can't wait to see what the future holds for these two.

Cheyenne & Jaycob | Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement Session

Cheyenne & Jaycob | Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement Session

I am thinking that next year calls for a lot more Sand Dunes Sessions because...well...look at this. <3 

Scott & Samantha | San Francisco Wedding

Scott & Samantha | San Francisco Wedding

This wedding was nothing short of spectacular. From the decorations, to the venue, to their amazing wedding party, their day was absolutely PERFECT. I am so glad I was able to be a part of Scott & Samantha’s wedding day. 

Cristina & Jordan | Engagement Session

Within the various types of sessions that I offer, Engagment sessions are definitely my favorite. There is something about two people that are about to make the biggest commitment of their life coming together to have me document their love that makes my heart full. As I am driving to their session, I think about the fact that these pictures I am about to create will be the ones in the family album that they will pass down for generations to come. Their children will look back and laugh at their clothing choices, make grossed out faces at their kissing and secretly admire the love they see that has lasted for decades in their parents. The fact that I get to be a part of THAT, boggles my mind. 

  Cristina & Jordan were so much fun to work with. It's always a little nerve wrecking to meet up with a photographer you have never met and allow them to capture one of the most precious things you hold, your relationship with your partner. When we arrived at the location, we immediately hit it off. I'll admit to being a chatter box completely. We talked about kids, how they met, where they will live after the Marine Corps, what they do for a living, etc etc. Their entire session was sweet and we laughed and had a great time. I am so glad that they chose me. I hope you enjoy seeing their session as much as I did. OH! AND I will be flying to Ohio next year to capture the next step in their life, their WEDDING. I can't wait.



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Debbie & Miguel | Yuma Wedding

When Debbie and Miguel met with us for coffee, we knew we were going to be a perfect fit for them! We were immediately excited about their Wedding day and were anxious to document their day in a beautiful way. 


The day of the wedding, we went to Debbie's house first in order to get some beautiful getting ready photos for her to look back on. Her mother and maid of honor were there and let me tell you, the love that they had for her was so eminent. They carefully helped her slide her wedding dress on and gathered all of the special pieces that she would put on before she stood before her soon to be husband. It was like a scene from a movie and I definitely held back tears as I remembered the day that my own momma helped me into my wedding dress and how special that was for me. 


After grabbing a few detail shots and taking pictures of Debbie getting ready, we headed to their beautiful venue. They were married on a beautiful gold course in Yuma. We grabbed a few shots of just the groom and then we prepared for their first look. You could see the anticipation building in Miguel as he prepared to view his beautiful bride for the first time. As soon as he turned around, he cracked the BIGGEST smile on his face as he stared at his beautiful bride for the very first time. Debbie also had the biggest smile. It was such a special moment.


The wedding started right at sunset. It was a beautiful intimate ceremony with their precious family and friends there to witness the special moment. The love in Debbie's eyes for her groom is one of my favorite captures. She just couldn't stop smiling at him through her beautiful veil. 


Once the ceremony ended, we ran to capture a few special pictures of the bride and groom. We were a little worried about the lack of light at her venue with everything happening after the sun set but I am so in love with the romantic feel of her photos. This is one of my favorite wedding pictures that I have ever taken. 


I am so glad that Debbie and Miguel chose us to be the ones to capture their stunning wedding day. They are a beautiful couple and I cannot wait to work with them in the future. 


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Bethany & Josh | Wedding Day

To say that I was excited to find out that my brother-in-law was getting married would be an understatement. I am SO excited to share with you their very special wedding day! Josh and Bethany met at West Coast Baptist Bible College and they definitely were a match made in Heaven! Their wedding couldn't have been more perfect and it was a huge blessing to see two families come together and celebrate them uniting in marriage! Thank you for choosing me, Josh and Bethany!



Alex & Alejandro | Couples Session

I am obsessed with this sweet couple's session. I love it when a friend comes to me and asks me to document something special in their life. Alex and Alejandro have accomplished quite a lot in the past few years. Alejandro recently became a United States Marine along with my husband. They went to boot camp together and it was through an online support group for the wives/significant others, that I met Alex. We quickly connected and enjoyed the fact that we share a similar sense of humor. So, when Alex asked me if I could take anniversary pictures for them, I may have screamed a little inside. We had a blast at their session and check out how absolutely stunning she is!

I am so glad that you chose me! <3



Amber & Josh | Couples Session

Couples Sessions are seriously my JAM. I know I say that about Maternity too. Oh, AND Seniors but I really do LOVE couples sessions. There is just something about capturing a couples unique love connection that makes my heart soar. Amber and Josh were no exception. They were so funny and playful that it made me happy. I love to see couples that genuinely love each other and that they do. 

If you have a spouse and have not taken the time to get professional portraits taken to document your love connection as well as this stage of your beautiful life, I want to urge you to make that a priority. Take a break from life, the kids, work, and normal daily to do's and schedule a session just for you! I promise you, you will not regret it! 


If you are interested in a couple's session with me, send me a message and let's plan something beautiful for you! 



  Kayla Mattox